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1:1 coaching sessions

Coaching sessions with me are an invaluable means of finding out what tools you require and what mindsets need to be shifted in order to reach your best life and create an exciting and fulfilling future. 

Sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes long, and I recommend these are weekly or fortnightly. Although the first few sessions are 'structured', the magic of life coaching comes when you have the space to freely discuss + unload what is happening in your life. Our sessions will be guided by you, and cover whatever topics are showing up in your journey.

As your life coach, I am not here to give you advice or claim to know what is best for you. I don't. You know what it best for you. But as your coach, I do know how to ask you the right questions to create and invite insight into your own life + the possible solutions to your challenges. 

Below are just some of the topics that I have experience of coaching on:


  • Self-confidence + authenticity

  • Body acceptance, neutrality + confidence 

  • Time-management + prioritising 

  • Motivation + discipline 

  • Setting boundaries

  • Fears and fearful living 

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Self-belief

  • Defining yourself

  • Core values + beliefs 

  • Creating your future 

  • Healthy coping strategies 

  • Healthy relationships 


If you are interesting in learning more about how I coach, and how The Plan Bea life coaching could benefit your life right now, click the Contact option in the menu or send me a DM on Instagram @theplanbea

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