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hey, I'm Bea!


I never intended on becoming a life coach. I actually always thought a life coach was someone who has their shit together and has the most perfect life. 

If that's your thought also, I'll tell ya now it's not true! What does qualify me to be a life coach however, is how much living and learning I've done so far in my lifetime. Like many of us have, I've dealt with my fair share of life's shit... that doesn't set me apart from anyone, but what does is how hard I've tried to learn and grow from those experiences. 

It is these experiences that have taught me that looking forwards. and harnessing the power of turning pain into progress, is an invaluable tool for a positive and fulfilling life. 

Following my own personal trauma with a life-changing marriage breakup in 2017, I decided that I could either choose to wallow and wilt, or rise from the metaphorical ashes and recreate my life. I had faith that good things come to those who want them hard enough to keep going, even in the hardest times. 



What is The Plan Bea life coaching? 

Firstly, it's not therapy or counselling. I didn't study at university to be a coach, nor is it 'clinical.' Instead of delving into and 'treating' past trauma like counselling does (although it does come up!), coaching seeks to analyse your present and ideal future; assessing the distance in between and how to reach it. This type of coaching inspires you to confront the things you've been too scared to do and actually make changes you've been resisting for so long. 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone fulfilled, in a life they have created, and that's what I want to help you reach.

Want to know more about what coaching I offer? Click here to learn about The Plan Bea offerings.

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