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A breaking heart

I wish heartbreak on everybody.

I wish people the strength to break and rebuild, because the view from a newly built platform from which you find yourself, is priceless.

Being familiar with heartbreak enables you to feel deeper. It lets you know just how much your heart can feel. You feel on more levels once your heart has been hurt.

You come to learn that love is complex; that life has it's own plans and that, cliché as it may sound, everything happens for a reason.

It's strange. Once in the throes of a broken heart, you're certain you can never again attain peace, or love or happiness. Everything feels broken, including you.

Yet from that defeat and pain, your heart begins to heal . The process may be fast, it may be slow. But it heals nonetheless. And when things seem less heavy, and the world seems less dark, something changes. The heart is resilient; it's mended itself.

Suddenly you begin to feel again. The numbness has subsided. You feel the goodness return to your world. You feel stronger; more you.

And you slowly realise you can feel. No more numb, no more negative. You can feel; really feel. Even more than before. You never knew you could, but you can and you do!

I wish heartbreak on everybody.

Surviving heartbreak is renewing; rejuvenating. Thriving through heartbreak presents you with a new attitude; a new place of feeling.

You didn't realise you'd ever feel this way. You didn't realise you could feel this much; this wide, this big. But look at you! Feeling things you've never felt.

I believe heartbreak should be mandatory in the experience we call life.

I owe so much of me - who and where I am, what I do, how I feel - to heartbreak. It's made me a better person. It's made me gracious, made me more forgiving. I'm more patient, empathetic, compassionate.

I make the most of every opportunity I'm given and enjoy moments presently, as to create beautiful memories.

I wish heartbreak on everybody.

It paved the way for an upgraded me. Still me, but stronger. Even more capable of love and understanding and affection than I knew I could be. I owe heartbreak a lot.

I've learned how to really, both myself and others.

I'm thankful my heart had this chance to break, and mend itself.

Your heart will mend, too. It might take time, but whatever sadness it holds will disappear and the world will seem brighter. Trust me, it will. You'll emerge stronger than ever.

That's why I wish heartbreak on everybody.

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