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Go where you feel ALIVE

What makes you feel alive?

As you’re sat there scrolling, give me just one moment of your attention...

Answer me this. What in your life makes you glow, makes you excited, makes you feel ALIVE?

Where makes you feel at ease, blessed, happy? Are you there right now?... why not?

Why do we settle? Why do we stay in places, jobs, relationships, situations that don’t make us glow, make us feel ALIVE?

Life is too short to put up with situations that don’t serve you. Life is too precious to waste time on people and things that don’t light you up.

So, my friend, how can you honour yourself right now?

How will you eliminate those parts that aren’t making you feel alive?

This doesn't need to be a big change, or big moves. Think of it on a micro level. Whether it be a coffee shop, a walking route, a friend's house or with a certain person. Going where you feel alive doesn't mean a 5* resort in the Bahamas... it means a place or situation where your heart feels easy.

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