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The conflict zone: my body

Disagreements, differing opinions, contention.

Some days, love. Some days, hate. Some days, nonchalant; tired from the clash.

For what I long to feel is hard attained. Peace is what so many of us desire. Peace with the very vehicle we call our bodies, the literal machine that gives us life.

So why, worldwide, do we consider the body a means of judgement, something on which to categorise a person? The days should be gone where we fail to acknowledge that bodies are all different. We know the plethora of various shapes and sizes. The paradox comes that we are all different, which makes us all the same.

Trends of what we consider 'attractive' change through the ages, the decades. So why do we work so hard to attain these fleeting social preferences?

Why is our focus not to be happy? Although our bodies age, decay and get sick, our souls don't. Why put so much pressure on the external wrapping when the precious gift inside is what we should really value.

I have so much to say on the topic of body image, of what I can't wait to explore with you all in later posts. But when all is said and done, I sort of come to the conclusion that all the fuss about our bodies is pointless and futile (unless it's about loving and accepting them!)

I believe that who we really are isn't something physical. It's not our body, for I don't really agree that we can be defined by our bodies. Somebody with a socially considered 'perfect' looking body, could also be a socially considered horrible person - and that's something we can all agree with, right? So let that sink in. How you look shouldn't define who you are.

To me, who we really are is only visible to the outside world through what we say and do, not how we look. It's through our actions, which make us ugly or not. Our bodies are honestly so temporary and lets face it, sometimes pretty unreliable with illness. Our spirit and soul (bear with me) are what the important parts of us are made of.

With global warming, poverty, warring countries as some of the real threats in the world, why should we pose a threat to each other with bullying comments about our appearances? That doesn't mean our body image concerns aren't valid and real - trust me, I've got them too, and they're very real!

Remember this when you're holding your body to unbearably high standards and harsh criticism... there is more to you than what is seen in the mirror. Show your beauty too, through loving actions, compassionate words and empathetic relationships.

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