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The fear of adventure

Today's society loves a cliché. Whether it's a meme or an inspirational quote, we're all over it. We plaster it over our Insta bios, wooden plaques in our hallways and on throw cushions in the front room.

Live, laugh love.

Live today as if it's your last.

You can make more money but you can't make more time

Book that flight.

We actively encourage adventure and exploration amongst each other over a cup of tea; discussing how we're done with city life and wish we could move to move to a small shack without social media and live the 'simple life'. We dream of a place where we see and experience new things, make memories and escape the mundane day-to-day slog. So often we are more 'live to work' and not 'work to live'.

Travel has always fascinated me. I did a degree in geography, with the dreams of one day becoming a travel writer. My grandparents have travelled the world, and I aspire(d) to one day be as well-travelled as them. To me, travelling is adventurous; the ultimate form of escapism. Seeing different cultures, sights, foods and lives gives me joy!

I have found, however, that people are all about the 'explore the world' vibe, until you actually go. As soon as you book that one-way flight to Cambodia or apply for a working holiday visa in New Zealand, the vibe changes. Yes, lots of friends and family members are genuinely excited for you, but so many also become surprisingly judgemental and cautious of the whole thing.

In short, we talk the motivational and encouraging talk, but generally we struggle to walk the walk. All talk and no trousers, if you like. And I wondered why? When I told people at home I wasn't coming back to the UK, and instead getting a one-way flight to New Zealand, I was met with nearly equal positive and negative responses!

People also love to complain and get so comfortable in their miserable situations that even when their most favourite people get brave, travel and make the most of this amazing world, they can't help but get a little envious. Envious because they must stay in a slow-moving and boring life which could do with an injection of excitement. Fearful too, because they're being left behind. Because they're going to miss you. Because the unknown is scary to many people.

Sure, I think fear of the unknown and the unconfirmed is normal, but is that more scary than the idea of being stuck in a banal and repetitive routine for the rest of your life? Does it make sense to fear something that has, for so many people, been the best experience of their life?

So, if you're thinking of travelling off into the sunset or considering a hiatus from adulting like I did, just bloody do it! Of course, don't be totally reckless but from my experience, when you need money, you make it; when you need a job, you find one. Don't let envious and bitter people influence your choices, because I can guarantee from my own experience that you'll regret not going.

Give the clichés some credit, and live up to their wise words. Do just book that flight, apply for that job. The 'worst that can happen' isn't always as bad as it sounds, and it definitely isn't more than you can handle. Travelling was the best thing I ever decided to do, and my adventure isn't over yet!

Don't let the fear of adventure stop you from actually having the adventure!

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