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What's in your space?

What is necessary in your life? What do you have space for? What do you want to make space for? Whilst many of us have time to spare right now, why don't you take a few minutes to take stock of what you've got space for and what you don't.

Who, what, where, which things deserve room in your life? Think about it. Which parts of your present are worthy of a spot in your future? The things that make up your life require your energy, so why not make sure that energy is being put to good use.

Your space, your life, is vital, as is protecting it. By nurturing healthy boundaries, to ensure the unnecessary stuff is eliminated, you leave room and time for the things and people you value.

Part of keeping space only for the things of value, can sometimes mean you've got to take some responsibility for what an dhow the necessary gets eliminated. If someone or something is taking up space and you don't want it to, you need to take responsibility and do something about it. What do you need to do in order to remove it, or at least lessen the impact of it on your daily life?

Complaining about an intrusive something in your space, without the intention of doing something to fix it, is lazy and a way to stay unaccountable and comfortable in your misery! Not cool!

What is taking up too much space in your life? How can/will you remove it? Get excited about all the more important things that can replace it. Value and protect your space, it's sacred. What do you have space for?...

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