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Write your manifesto

What's a manifesto? It's a published declaration of your intentions, motives and views. You might recognise the word from the current chaos that is the UK general election. A party manifesto is what we read to get a handle on what the future may hold under that leader.

I decided that as the end of the decade is upon us, I would write my own manifesto reminding me of the things I want from my life and what, going forward, I want my future to look like. Well, I'm the leader of my own life, after all!

Since emigrating to New Zealand, I've been fortunate to have some time to look inwards, journal and look at what I want my reality to be.

When you're ready, what you need will find you.

I hope my manifesto ignites some inspiration within you to look at your past year and the new year ahead, and decide how you want to live your life. This is not a collection of New Year's resolutions, because they're bullshit. Why set yourself a challenge or goal that's probably going to make you feel like a failure? Why set yourself up for that kinda self-deprecation?!

No, this isn't something you'll have to try hard to achieve. This is a list of ideas and ways of living that will not only improve your wellbeing but your entire life. If you don't stick to it, that does not make you a failure. Your manifesto should empower you and outline an ideal way of life.

Here's the way I hope to live my life going forwards...

  • I will be responsible with my money, and only take calculated risks when I know they will deeply benefit my life

  • I'll embrace the mindset of less is more, and choose to enjoy experiences over things

  • Consider myself an investment and be willing to spend money on things that will benefit my wellbeing, development or health

  • Respect and appreciate my body through nourishing food choices and enjoyable exercise; neither of those things (or lack of) are forms of punishment

  • Pay attention to what makes me feel good - delicious and indulgent food, mindful jogging around the park

  • Choose my friends carefully and conserve energy only for those who lift me up

  • Treat my friends with respect, honesty and love; I'll look after them

  • Make time for the people I love, even if that means going out of my way a little

  • Never disrespect myself by believing my partner is better than me

  • Be open, honest and patient with my partner and communicate all the time

  • Always be forgiving with those I love, and don't bear a grudge

  • Treat myself with the compassion, appreciation and respect I already extend to others

  • Do things that make me happy and take time to spoil myself

  • Continue to work on and develop myself so I'm always the best version of me I can be

  • Be authentic and true to myself in all situations

What are your intentions for your life? What wondrous life do you want to create for yourself? Because, as I mentioned, when you're ready, what you need in life will find you. Write your manifesto, be ready for the best version of life you've lived thus far.

"When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen."

-- Harley Davidson

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