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You're the prize

"You're the prize!" -Jason Chadda

I remember when I was younger, my Dad would always remind me that I was 'the prize.' Sometimes just because, sometimes when I'd get into a new teen romance. It was always cute (admittedly I'm a Daddy's girl...) but it means much more to me now, as a woman in her late 20s, than it ever did back then.

Now, in this instance I'm not understanding 'prize' in the sense of something earned by a winner, a reward. No, you're not a thing. Hell no, you are no reward for no person, let's get that clear. What I mean by prize is high value, high worth; precious, cherished and treasured.

If you can't consider yourself a prize, something of value and worth, then how do you have any grounding to think this of other people?... Seriously, does it not make more sense to understand unconditional love for yourself before extending this to others?

I's a no brainer - I don't think a relationship can be improved upon when two people come together, knowing their own worth whilst celebrating that of their partner!

When you're in the winner-prize mindset, it's easy to fall into comparison and undoubtedly, self-doubt and low self-esteem. This mindset is one I know well, and spent a good 6 years in with a former partner. If you fail to see yourself as a prize before a relationship begins, you risk constantly feeling less than, because although you've 'won' this person you think so highly of, you probably also lack basic self-appreciation.

Cue an uneven relationship, leaving you feeling like the inferior one, as though you got 'lucky' that he/she/they wanted you back and constantly as though they're better than you. This isn't fair on you or them.

Considering yourself the prize doesn't mean to say you're perfect; it's not bolstered with arrogance that you're God's gift. It doesn't take away your bad habits. less than desirable personality traits or past mistakes. Buddy, we've all got those.

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By knowing you're the prize, you vibe the message that despite those things, you're still worthy of love, acceptance, happiness and the reassurance that you matter. Perhaps you're still struggling to get there yourself; perhaps you don't quite feel worthy or important just yet.

Use this prize mindset as an affirmation. Repeat daily to yourself, maybe in times of stress or anxiety, 'I'm the prize'. By developing a sense of respect for yourself, you'll soon come to agree... why would you accept anybody or anything into your life that doesn't view you as a prize, too?!

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