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Our session made me realise that I had been so focused on just putting one foot in front of the other to get through another day, that I hadn't really considered any long term goals. I felt like I was constantly going around in circles with no real results, and didn't see that I was achieving anything at all. Bea helped me to see that actually, I do have a long term goal and now I can be far more mindful about what small steps I'm taking towards it - every effort is a small achievement and takes me closer to where I want to be! We spoke about managing my time in a way that would help me feel more productive and organised, so I've now started to use my time more wisely. 

-- Victoria

I have taken so much more than expected from our session; you have helped me understand some deep seated behaviours and thoughts I have about myself that I didn’t really understand before. You have helped breakdown the overwhelming picture of what I thought I needed to do in order to feel ‘better’ about things I am currently dealing with right now. The unmanageable has now become manageable and I’m looking forward to tackling with you by my side. 

-- Danielle

Straight after our call I felt reassured and very motivated! My mind had been cleared and I could see the changes I needed to make for a better and more positive way of living. Following Bea’s advice - I feel a lot more organised and most importantly I am being kinder to myself. I would encourage everyone to give it it a go. Sometimes just having someone to listen to what you have to say is much needed. I was guided in the right direction to how I can manage my time better for me to achieve the things I want in life. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I would definitely say that it exceeded any expectations I had. I found it very refreshing and it was the kind of conversation I needed to move forward in my life! 
                                                                                  -- Chloe


I left my breakthrough session feeling empowered, enlightened and confident in my choices moving forward. My thoughts were a lot more clear and I regained a sense of focus, purpose and positivity. Having someone guiding my journey of self-exploration and challenging me in new ways was really beneficial.
                                                                                                                                                        -- Amy

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