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The Life Recreated Programme

The Life Recreated Programme

A 12-week online programme designed to help you recreate your life by becoming focussed, motivated + crystal clear on who you are and what you want.


How would your life feel when you woke up each day feeling motivated

and excited for life?

How would things be different if you could focus on what you wanted out of life, and knew a clear route to get it? Imagine not just making resolutions to make changes in your life, but actually knowing what you want and sitting back knowing you’ve achieved all you set out to do!


Changing your life to reflect what really lights you up is absolutely possible, my love, and far more straightforward and achievable than I bet you think it is. It’s gonna take some commitment to yourself, and requires you to take responsibility, but since you’re already reading this, I know you’re ready for that!

I get it. You want to make big changes and feel like you’re living your #bestlife but it doesn’t seem achievable. You tell yourself you’ll get there ‘one day’, and vow to make changes in life but before you know it, you’ve scrolled IG for 20 minutes, distracting yourself from your alright life and think why do I even bother?

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Maybe you’ve tried creating that new habit but after just three days, you’re back to the old ways. Maybe you start the week or month with best intentions, but life gets in the way and you find yourself back in the disappointing square one.

This is exactly why I created the Life Recreated Programme; to guide your journey into defining who you are and, in turn, defining what your best life actually looks like.
When you work to gain DEEP clarity and be willing to delve into the unknown with faith, magical change is yours for the taking. This programme will encourage you to think in new ways, create new helpful and fulfilling mindsets and get you to that 'place' you're dreaming of. 

How Life Recreated supports you

The programme uses a variety of methods to support you in your journey...


1:1 calls: These calls are pure magic squashed into 60 minutes! Here we talk about your week, how you found the programme content and anything you’ve struggled with or achieved.
It’s all about Y O U.

Weekly modules: A combination of videos, worksheets, journalling exercises and homework will teach you the core principles of the program, offering wisdom and challenges. Watching the modules is one thing, but the homework is what really prompts you to embody all your great work in daily life.

Private Facebook group:  A place where we can communicate, share wins + receive updates about new modules, homework and interesting + relevant readings. 

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What does Life Recreated guide you on?

WEEK 1 - Welcome & introduction to your course

WEEKS 2 + 3 - Getting crystal clear on who you are right now – self-esteem, self-worth + your self-concept. Exploring your identity and focussing on your current reality.

WEEK 4 – Understanding what authenticity and confidence looks like to you. Giving your inner-saboteur a name + defining ways in which you could be sabotaging yourself.


WEEK 5 - Reframing your fear into something powerful and motivational that can propel you forward into inspired action. Looking into how you control life + how your fight vs. flight reaction is showing up in your life.

WEEK 6 - Integration week to put all you've learned into practice


WEEK 7 - Learn proven strategies and simple methods of self-soothing to eliminate unnecessary overwhelm in your days


WEEK 8 -  Assessing barriers to you reaching your goals, and defining how your limiting beliefs are halting your progress in it’s tracks. Understanding the relationship between procrastination, motivation + discipline.

WEEK 9 - Get clear on exactly what fulfilment means to you, and how your game plan might look as you begin to create a life that gives you that on a daily basis


WEEK 10 - Define your own inspiring version of success in order to celebrate what you’ve already achieved and what you plan to achieve in the best possible version of your future

WEEK 11 - Using a simple but effective strategy to fully step into that compelling vision for your future that will draw focus and recall you back to action time and time again

WEEK 12 - Graduation & composing your own real-life roadmap for next steps to success


So you're still reading...​

...and that tells me that your heart is feeling a pull to the Life Recreated Programme.


There is something within you that feels sparks when we talk about how you really can create a life that fully lights you up and fulfils you deeply. 

How do I know this will work for you?

Because, my love, this is everything that has worked for me in my own experience of life. I can guarantee you that this program will open your eyes to alternative mindsets, new ways to consider your life and offer you the most important gift possible: your unlimited potential to create something magical for yourself. 

You have so much to gain, and so little to lose, so why not click on the below link to join the waitlist and take the first and most worthwhile step you can, and lean IN to the magic that awaits you!

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